Carbonland Trust Conservation Protocol

Do you have forest land that you want to protect for future generations, and manage for the purpose of CO2 sequestration? If so, Carbonland Trust is here to help you take part in the voluntary carbon marketplace. Please read our land stewardship requirements, and then fill out the form to share about the forest land you would like to conserve.

Carbonland Trust Protocol Requirements:

1. Property must be owned free and clear of mortgages and liens, or the funds raised from Carbon Removal Bonds to put the land into conservation must be used to pay off property debts to own free and clear of liens.

2. No living trees on the land can be cut down and should be allowed to grow naturally for as long as they are alive.

3. Dead trees and wood debris should be cleared from forest to prevent fires.

4. Land must be maintained so that it is accessible and can be walked through.

5. Stewards must report starting metrics of the makeup of the forest, and update the report yearly.

6. At the start enrollment and once a year then after Carbonland Trust will fly a drone with multispectral camera over property to measure changes. 

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