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Regenerative Forest Stewardship Protocol

Natural climate solutions (NCS), are regenerative land stewardship methods are the most mature approaches available for carbon removal compared to newer carbon capture technologies. Nature climate solutions complement zero-carbon initiatives and increase CO2 sequestration that is needed to achieve climate change mitigation. Carbonland Trust ESG NFTs are creating and protecting old growth forests for future generations, and increasing biodiversity. Forest land enrolled in Carbonland Trust protocol are truly removing carbon from the atmosphere and locking it up for generations and provides many other co-benefits not seen in other carbon credit offerings in the voluntary carbon markets.

Forests Have The Power To Do The Job If We Would Let Them

It’s been said “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and second best time in now”. Protecting and conserving existing natural forests perpetually to create the next generation of old forests has the greatest CO2 removal potential. And establishing nature preserves on bio-diverse forests of privately held land has huge CO2 mitigation potential. This is achieved by the power of trees to sequester CO2 with out needing power to operate, and lock it up long-term. When not threatened by logging or fires trees can grow for over 1000 years no problem. Another benefit associated with our carbon removal NFTs is our robust risk management provisions built-in to every NFT that foster regenerative forest stewardship and fire prevention methods. 

Into the forest.

Carbonland Trust ESG NFTs sequester CO2 and protect forest lands perpetually. We are created the first Carbon Removal Credit yielding NFT, a tokenized carbon credit producing asset and forest conservation DeFi product. 

And Carbonland Trust protocol is opening access to the voluntary carbon markets to more landowners by eliminating the barriers and upfront cost involed with conservation esaements and MRV. By offering private landowners financial incentive to conserve forest land and use regenerative agroforestry tactics for maximum CO2 sequestration people can earn more protecting trees than they would cutting them down. Leading to a greater supply of high quality carbon removal credits.

Carbonland Trust ESG NFTs offer businesses a better way to remove their carbon footprint, by reducing supply risk, and provide a way to lock in a stable price long term. Our ESG NFTs represent the carbon removal rights of actual acres of forest land enrolled in Carbonland Trust protocol. Each unique ESG NFT produces a certain amount of Carbon Removal Credits each year based for a certain term.

Carbonland Trust ESG NFTs produce carbon removal credits for the holders of the NFTs year after year for term, oferring buyers a way to hedge against rising prices, as a Microsoft report forecast prices around $100+ a ton for carbon credits in 4 to 5 years. Raising carbon credit prices also creates a secondary market for our CO2 Bonded NFTs as they could be sold for more in the future if the estimated Carbon Removal Credits locked up in the ESG NFTs are worth more per ton than the price paid at purchase of ESG NFT.

Conserve Forests For Future Generations

Carbonland Trust uses Smart Contracts and Digital Assets securely track and store data about the lifecycle of our carbon credits issued from protected forests lands. 

Carbon Removal Credit (CRC)

CO2 Removal Credits represent 1 Ton of CO2 sequestered by forest in CarbonLand Trust.

Reserve some CRC

Carbon Removal Credit =
1 Ton of CO2e


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