Eadon Forest Club

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Eadon Forest is a 40 acre Forest Conservation Project focused on experiential education in permaculture and regenerative land stewardship. Eadon Forest Conservation Club is a living laboratory and incubator for agro-forestry innovation and developing innovative MRV methods using Satellites, Drones, & AI.


Our goal is to work with the land and people interested in learning and about food forests, permaculture design, and regenerative farming practices. We will offer workshops and fun outdoor games that encourage people to spend time in nature and inspire passion to conserve it for future generations.


Eadon Forest Conservation Club will collect dead wood from the property grounds and from other sources like slash piles from logging sites, and we will use that biomass to create hugelkultur carbon sinks in Eadon Forest. We will use those hugelkultur carbon sinks to grow native flowers for pollinators, and food for local food banks.


CO2 Removal Credits represent 1 Ton of CO2 sequestered by forest in Carbonland Trust.

Blockchain Accountabilty

CO2 Removal Credit =
1 Ton of CO2


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