CarbonLand Trust

Trap CO2 LongTerm
& Save Natural Forests

Sequester Carbon

Remove CO2 from the atmosphere and keep it from being released through our blockchain based forest conservation

Conserve Forests

Protect our natural resources and save forest land for future generations to enjoy with our regenerative conservation.

Offset Your CO2

Buying Carbonland NFTs is a way to help remove the CO2 you are producing from activities and business

CO2 Removal Credit (CRC)

CO2 Removal Credits represent 1 Ton of CO2 sequestered by forest in CarbonLand Trust.

Blockchain Accountability

CO2 Removal Credit =
1 Ton of CO2


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Get in touch, to find out how you can utilize our solution to issue Carbon Credits from your properties or scale up the Carbon Neutrality Efforts of your company.