CO2 Removal & ESG Digital Assets

Carbonland Trust leverages IOT and Blockchain technology to bring modern MRV methods in confluence with best practices concerning sustainable and regenerative land stewardship. Our technology is making the voluntary carbon markets more inclusive and increasing the supply of verifiable carbon removals.

Protecting Vital Landscapes and Scaling Carbon Removal Today

Carbonland Trust offers best in class solutions for reaching carbon neutral or negative status.

CO2 Removing Digital Assets

We ensure bio-diverse conservation efforts have funding to protect nature

Drone + Multispectral Imaging

Leading edge drone and imaging technology leveraged for monitoring

Public Ledger Accountability

Open and transperant reporting and life cycle of carbon removal credits

A New Era of Carbon Removal Certification

More Impactful and Inclusive

We employ scientifically proven regeneration and conservation efforts, which bring added benefits as increased bio-diversity, pollinator habitat, and outdoor recreation. 

Drone, IoT, and AI MRV Technology

Advance Monitoring and Reporting

Our onboarding process allows forest owners to enter the voluntary carbon market with no upfront cost, and creates new streams of revenue for conservation efforts.

Blockchain/DLT Carbon Credit Accounting

Transparent Trading & Lifecycle

Our carbon removal credits, and long term contracts for them, and certificates of retiring removals are all stored securely on public blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Leading-Edge Tech + Holistic Sustainability

Carbonland Trust is redefining what is means to be green, and increasing the return on investment from carbon credits.

MRV & Onboarding Process for Landowners

Learn how you can leverage our platform to offer carbon credits from your trees 

CO2 Removal with Better Co-Benefits

Not all carbon credits have the same impact, and some don’t even remove carbon

Smart Contracts and ESG Digital Assets

Ensure secure and transparent access to tokenized carbon removal assets

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Get in touch, to find out how you can utilize our solution to issue Carbon Credits from your properties, without upfront costs. 


Get in touch, to find out how you can acquire the highest quality nature based Carbon Removal Credits to fulfill your companies environmental and climate goals.


Get in touch, to find out how you can utilize our solution to issue Carbon Credits from your properties or scale up the Carbon Neutrality Efforts of your company.