The Most Durable Nature Based Carbon Credits.




Trustworthy and effective carbon removal credits sourced from high-quality projects, verified through rigorous MRV processes, and stored in reliable, permanent carbon pools using DLT. Purchase with confidence knowing you’re investing in the most durable nature-based solution to offset your carbon footprint.

Secure and Sustainable Carbon Solutions for a Holistic Future

Lead Earths' regeneration


Our credits are sourced from carbon removal projects that prioritize regenerative practices, which have a positive impact on biodiversity, soil health, and local communities. With each credit purchased, you are investing in a more sustainable future and aligning your brand with environmentally conscious practices that speak to the values of your customers.

Commit to a positive legacy


Our credits are sourced from legally binding conservation easement contracts, ensuring their regenerative impacts perpetuity. They allow corporations to create a sustainable, nature-and-human-positive legacy and create a sense of pride and fulfilment within the company and among its employees, knowing they contribute to a better future for nature and humanity.

High Standards, Peace of Mind


Our carbon credits are based on regenerative practices held to high standards and sourced from legally binding conservation easement contracts. In addition, they are processed and documented through Digital Ledger Technology to ensure the security, traceability, and transparency of our credits, minimizing risks and providing peace of mind for corporations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

How it works



During this initial stage, we conduct an intake process to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s carbon removal goals, requirements, and strategies. This includes assessing the company’s current carbon removal needs, and identifying any specific requirements or preferences they may have. We aim to tailor our carbon removal solutions to best meet your unique requirements.


Project Selection

Our team selects projects that align with a company’s specific Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. We use rigorous criteria to assess each project’s impact potential, scalability, and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This ensures that our carbon credits not only offset emissions but also contribute to sustainable development and positive social impact.


Credit Trading

Our clients have the option to buy, sell, or hold carbon credits through our decentralized exchange (DEX) or custody solution. This allows our clients to maximize the value of their carbon credits while ensuring transparency and security throughout the trading process. Our DEX is built on blockchain technology, providing fast and secure trading with low transaction fees. Clients can also choose to hold their credits in our custody solution, which is designed to keep their assets safe and easily accessible.


Carbon Retirement

Only by retiring carbon credits a climate-positive action is taken, effectively taking the credits out of circulation and earning your company a certificate of carbon removal, which can be used to showcase its climate action efforts to regulatory bodies and customers alike. The certificate can be a valuable asset for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Get in touch, to find out how you can utilize our solution to issue Carbon Credits from your properties or scale up the Carbon Neutrality Efforts of your company.